Ashrawi mourns passing of Stephen Hawking

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POSTED: March 14, 2018


PLO Executive Committee Member Hanan Ashrawi Wednesday expressed sadness for the passing of British physicist Stephen Hawking, who she described as "a uniquely courageous person”.

In a statement released today, Ashrawi praised Hawking’s pro-Palestinian stances, saying Palestinians mark today with sorrow because of his passing.

"The Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people mark with sorrow the passing of British legendary theoretical physicist, best-selling author of "A Brief History of Time," and a uniquely courageous person, Dr. Stephen Hawking,” Ashwari said.

“We join the rest of the world in celebrating his exceptional achievements and legacy, not just in science but in his deep understanding of the human condition and spirit.”

“Many in Palestine remember his visit to Birzeit University in 2006 in which he shared his knowledge and inspired many Palestinians young and old. We also remember his principled stand in defying the Israeli occupation of Palestine and his refusal to appear at the Presidential Conference in Israel in 2013, as not to be complicit in its cruel and illegal occupation. 

Professor Hawking was also a supporter of non-violent resistance including the BDS Movement and called for the international community to sanction Israel for its occupation. “He will be globally missed.”

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