POSTED: January 24, 2018
SOURCE: New York Times


The announcement came after Palestinian leaders had accused the administration of blatantly siding with Israel in the protracted Israeli-Palestinian conflict and dimming prospects for a Palestinian state that would exist side by side with Israel.

Administration officials said that restoration of the aid depended partly on the Palestinian aid agency’s making unspecified reforms, and that withholding the funds had not been punitive.

POSTED: January 24, 2018
SOURCE: Mint Press


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Last week Israeli military officials for the first time echoed what human rights groups and the United Nations have been saying for some time: that Gaza’s economy and infrastructure stand on the brink of collapse.

They should know.

More than 10 years ago the Israeli army tightened its grip on Gaza, enforcing a blockade on goods coming in and out of the tiny coastal enclave that left much of the 2 million-strong population there unemployed, impoverished and hopeless.

POSTED:January 25, 2018
SOURCE: Aljazeera

'It is wrong': 21 groups slam US for cutting UNRWA aid

The leaders of 21 aid groups have written to the US administration to object to a decision to withhold $65m out of $125m in planned contributions to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees.

The letter warned of "dire consequences" if the cut to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) was maintained, according to the letter seen by Al Jazeera on Thursday.

POSTED: January 24, 2018

SOURCE: Aljazeera


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Geneva, Switzerland - UN member states have criticised Israel for failing to abide by human rights laws and UN resolutions during a heated Human Rights Council (HRC) session; some labelled it an "apartheid state".

The scolding in the Swiss city on Tuesday came as Israel was undergoing its third Universal Periodic Review (UPR), a UN-led process meant to assess the human rights record of each state and make recommendations for improvement.

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