Palestine: Israel provides Palestinian detainees with expired food supplies

POSTED: March 7, 2018
SOURCE: Middle East monitor

Video campaign, ‘Feed the killers’ in response to the Pizza Hut advert used in Israel which mocked Palestinian hunger striking prisoners [Jihad Shereef]


The administration of the Etzion Israeli detention, which is located in the south of West Bank, has provided the Palestinian detainees held there with expired food supplies, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club (PPC) announced today.

PPC’s lawyer, Jacqueline Fararja, told Anadolu Agency that “the prison administration has supplied the Palestinian detainees with expired canned food and cheese.”

“Most of the detainees had already eaten some of the provided food because of their hunger and lack of food supplies,” Fararja added.

In collaboration with the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO)’s detainees affairs committee, PPC demanded the closure of Etzion prison.

According to official data, over 6,500 Palestinians are currently being held in Israeli jails. Around 12 Palestinians are held in Etzion.



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