Right to education- here are the features!

Right to education- here are the features!

Education is one of the human rights enacted for children to provide free and essential education. It is one of the fundamental rights that ensure every child gets a quality education from qualified teachers. It is passed in 2009 for the 6-14 years of the age range, and now it is more encompassing by expanding to the 1-18 years of age group. Many features are available in these rights as presenting qualified teachers and give the quality of learning. It is input-oriented and focuses on various reports.

Here are the features

There are many things to learn while reading the right to education act. As we all know, today, education has challenges prevalent to both centers and states. It includes many quality features available on the right to education, which enhances the quality of education. So here we are discussing some of the features of the right to education.

  • Quality of teachers

The right to education provides well-quality teachers for the students and ensures there are well-maintained teachers in every school. It is one of the best features of the right, which maintained teacher ratio in every school, urban or rural what so ever. They provide well-trained teachers and which are academically qualified and appropriately maintained. They give satisfaction to child amends to improve overall learning outcomes. There is a problem of lack of allocation of resources in general and elementary schools in some places. But these problems are highlighted and working to solve them and have an idea of bringing well-trained teachers in these areas.

  • Provided education is free and compulsory.

In the right to education, the government can provide free to each child, and education is also compulsory. No child has to pay a fee for getting an education; this is examined to fight against poverty. There are not any other charges to pay by the child for any purpose. This free education also includes free books, stationery items, study material, uniforms available for the children free of cost to reduce school expenses burden. Much progress was made to make new primary schools and launch new schools to increase enrollment rates. Free education is also compulsory, which helps them to take their place in their society.

  • Provide overall development of the children

Right to education also helps to provide the overall development of the children by participating in curriculum activities. It also helps to develop their skills, knowledge, and talent. It also makes a child-friendly environment for all in the schools and strengthens school management. Many activities are organized by the school, in which various students participate, which helps them develop their skills, physical strength elevates stress and many more. So it Is one of the features which help in providing overall development of the children.

Last words!

These points are a useful feature of the right to education, and it helps to provide education to the children who are coming in poverty. So you must read all points for better understanding.