What are the different types of human rights?

What are the different types of human rights?

There are many different types of human rights available that works on different aspects of rights. These rights are not inflicted for harm upon society and it implicated more for society’s welfare. Human rights are majorly given to all individuals, giving them a way of living freely in an enjoyable manner. They can enjoy every right in a better manner as they need to be live in society. These all rights also make them ample opportunity for the scope of development. The state or any government cannot declare rights, but everyone universally inherits it.

Here are the types

These rights are divided into many types, helping people live freely in society and the state. Some of the rights also work on human consciousness, which is supported by morals. Some of the rights are also enforced by the state. So here we are discussing some of the different types of human rights.

  • Moral rights

Moral rights are one of the types of human rights, which are based on human consciousness. These all rights work on the moral value of the human mind, and it is supported by the moral force of the human mind. The force of law does not assist these moral rights, and these are totally based on the human sense of justice. If anyone disrupts these rights, then no legal action can be taken against them because the state does not enforce these rights. Rights that come under moral rights are the right to integrity, right of attribution, and others. These rights include moral behavior and good conduct of the people and depend upon the people’s moral perfection.

  • Natural rights

Natural rights are also one of the type of human rights which inherit several rights from nature. Many rights come under natural rights because everyone has to come to living. Before living in any society, they have to first live in a state of nature. There is no state or government which can deny these rights when an individual enters any society. These all rights are parts of human nature and their reasons which maintain them to come to live in society. So it is essential to contribute to a good life which is followed in naturally right.

  • Legal rights

Legal rights are a critical type of human rights enforced by the state and accepted by them. If anyone disrupts these rights, then there will be punished according to the law. These rights are against the government and can be enforced against the individual. Everyone has the following legal rights without any discrimination. Legal rights also divided into different types such as political rights, civil rights, and economic right, which depends upon civilization that can be political or economic security. So these all legal rights are working on a system of law.


So these all are some of the different types of human rights which depend upon human values. Above mentioned points are enough for understanding human rights and read it carefully.