Some General Facts About The Top Four Countries Which You Should Know – history and culture.

Some General Facts About The Top Four Countries Which You Should Know – history and culture.

History investigates or studies past events. It relates to the collection, discovery, interpretation, and collection of information. In history, it describes the brief introduction, which is helpful for people. As we know, without knowing the history of any countries cannot analyze the system of the countries. If we talk about the culture in every country with its different culture and traditions and people love to know about the countries’ cultures. Here are some countries that explain its history and culture. You could even bring your pickleball paddles from Have a look at what those are.

  • Dubai 

 Dubai is one of the largest and famous cities of the UAE. There are more than 2 780 00 houses with more than 150 nationalists. 

The history and culture of Dubai are internally rooted in the Islamic tradition with the national lifestyle. The people who live in Dubai give massive respect to their culture and protect their Islamic traditions and culture.

Alcohol is not banned in Dubai; there are many bars and nightclubs in the area. People can quickly drink alcohol by sitting at their perspective if their license has been an issue through the government. As you know, the drinks are not allowed in the streets, parks, and public places; it is illegal there. The culture of Dubai is an emirate of the United Arab Emirates. Increase globalization and set different kinds of immigrant groups which are transfer to different nationalistsThe Islamic and Arab culture is based on the architecture, cuisine, music, and lifestyle with grace. The Muslims pray at least five times a day. The weekend of Friday and Saturday is the Muslims and the weekend of Sunday or Saturday.

  • Italy 

The Roman Empire was an international political process where Italy was one of the critical parts. In the middle of 19 century, Germany and Italy repeated during the revolutionary period. The two regions nationalism and liberalism that included. The first indo European was belongs to italic tribes. In the north, generally nuclear family lives together, or the family members resided together in one house in the south. The family provides financial and emotional support to its members.

  • China

China is Chinese Zhonghua, which is spelled the ching kuo known as the republic of china. It is one of the largest Asian countries with the largest population in the world. China is passing from Russia and Canada that is almost as large as the whole of Europe. For more than 4,000 years, it recorded a history. The culture of china is little outside now; it also becomes primarily absorbed into the fabric of Han Chinese culture.

  • Germany

The federal republic of Germany involves sixteen states from 1990. Germans preferred the territ nd East Germany to call West Germany or old western leader. There are various types to distinguish eastern from western Germany. The culture of language and traditions are so unique. The persons who speak English call it Germany. It is known as the country of thinkers and poets. The German people dress western for the women and men as they wear simple suits and shirts. There are their own traditional norms and values.


As mentioned above, the detail is enough to know about the top four countries’ history and culture. If you make a plan, then you must visit these countries which are such a beautiful place. Those persons who want to explore a new thing are the best places to visit there.