The Need Of Human Rights Education

The Need Of Human Rights Education

Citizens of any country are liable to its constitution and rules. The legal jurisdiction has guaranteed their existence in harmony through human rights. Throughout life, the rights promise the countrymen to believe in the socio-political system where it presents to safeguard them. But why rights are required? If political and socio-economic functions guide well in the direction of peace, why give the leverage to common men? There were always doubts and speculations regarding the functioning of human rights and how they are safeguarded. It is one of the utmost fields that need the exposure of knowledge.

Why Give Rights To Citizens?

Human rights are often perceived as the possessions of common countrymen; hence they are everyone’s birth rights regardless of the role and profession. Thus, the formulation came forth for:

  • Freedom: Right to life, liberty and freedom against exploitation ensure citizens’ existence as humans. Misconduct on the terms of existence, i.e. illtreating as material things, is completely prohibited. Every man is now his own master, with no slavery, and his life isn’t else’s’ property.
  • Expression: While residing in a collective society, everyone should have the right to object, support or quote their ideas. Right to speech, print and media; Freedom of expression ensure that every word is taken to account.
  • Resources: Man, as a social animal, has the requirement of certain resources. Right to culture and education, right to equality allows everyone equally to procure the required. Purchasing land, property or goods is no more segregated on any caste or political basis.
  • Personal Beliefs: Even influenced by politics, society and economical situations, everyone has ethical beliefs in some culture and religion. People have the ultimate freedom to follow and propagate any culture and custom without influence. The right to freedom of religion also assures no forceful conversion due to any reason.
  • Lawfulness: Every citizen is equal in front of the law. Similarly, everyone has the right to be judged and given a chance of lawful judiciary.

Rights are an intricate part of every country’s political system. The rules, amendments, and the country’s work are heavily dependent on their protection. However, many countries also provide the right to constitutional remedies, ultimately sealing the security of all.

How Are The Rights Protected?

Rights are natural standards to protect that are never to be dismissed or breached. Apart from the political authorities, rights are protected through:

  • Laws And Acts: The country’s independent judiciary is the security as the social and political rights are under their guidance. They have to make sure to address every plea and complaint against the breach of any right. There are several laws and acts defined in the system to strike the violence.
  • Activists: The rights are every man’s assets and can’t be denied based on any discrimination. Many times, activists and community saviours act to violate rights through campaigns, fasts and physical outturns. Collective community lifts the voice to heights.
  • Fellow Citizens: People have the superior responsibility to act when they spot any violation or discrimination. Participation in social awareness events and timely reporting of the violation brings the event to quick attention.

Rights, though differing regionally, have the same standards everywhere. We, as a single fraternity, should stand and safeguard each other with ultimate responsibility. We should be aware and educate our neighbours too.